The World's First Hanging Car Window Pillow

Say goodbye to never being able to sleep in a car, and say hello to The Willow! By hanging your OWN pillow directly from the top of your window, you can pick the perfect position to sleep in.

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  • Unlimited Adjustability

    The innovative all-Velcro backing allows any twist, turn, or tilt that your perfect sleeping position may require.

  • Interchangable Pillow

    Use any full-sized pillow you want, from your favorite memory foam pillow to that extra fluffy one you swear by.

  • Ultra Soft Sweatshirt Fleece

    The entire frontside of The Willow is encased in breathable, super-soft sweatshirt fleece, perfect for your head to rest on!

  • Exterior Compacting Sleeve

    Storing The Willow is as easy as folding it in half, rolling it up, and wrapping it in the exterior sleeve. Throw it in the trunk for easy retrieval!

  • Universal Window Clip

    The innovative 360 degree window mounting clip can adjust to any vehicles window, no matter how curved the window is.

  • No Slip Sleeve

    Lock your pillow into place with the no slip sleeve, ensuring your pillow will never fall out of The Willow!

10 Second Super Simple Setup

  • 1

    Put your OWN pillow inside The Willow

  • 2

    Attach the clip on the mounting bar to the top of your window

  • 3

    Attach The Willow to the mounting bar in your desired sleeping position and SLEEP!

  • q-iconCan the Willow really fit all car types?

    Yes! The plastic clip on the mounting bar can rotate 360 degrees, to accommodate any type of straight or curved window. It does not matter how “tall” your window is, the mounting bar can hang off the window as well. While we certainly cannot guarantee that every and all car windows will work (that would be impossible to test every make and model!), we have yet to have a window that does not work.

  • q-iconDoes the Willow block the driver’s visibility?

    Short answer: no. Long answer: it depends greatly on the driver and how they drive. If the driver frequently looks out of one specific window, (such as right rear?), then move to a different window if it becomes a problem. Another option is to adjust the Willows positioning so the majority of the window is still visible. The Willow can be mounted in an unlimited number of configurations that do not require taking up the majority of the driver’s visibility of that said window. We do not recommend using 3 Willows simultaneously.

  • q-iconCan I pay extra to have a queen/king sized version?

    Unfortunately, not at this time as we are trying to make the logistics as easy as possible to ensure a smooth campaign. The Willow is currently the size of a standard pillowcase. If ample demand is shown, this viewpoint could change.

  • q-iconWhat kind of pillow does the Willow support?

    All standard sized pillows: from a cheap one at Target or your favorite Tempur-Pedic pillow, the Willow can hold em all.

A Note From The Creator...

Every weekend I used to go visit my step-brother at the University of Minnesota hospital six hours away, who was getting treated for Leukemia. I quickly realized that sleeping in a car is easier said than done, as I would bring my pillow but could never get quite comfortable. I created The Willow not only for personal use, but to give to the many families who are constantly driving back and forth, like mine was, as well. I hope you enjoy your Willow as much as I had creating it.

Jason Junod Jason Junod
Creator, The Willow

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